Christmas ornaments

Jun 12th


vintage christmas decorations
vintage christmas decorations

Christmas decorations are homemade. How do you make Christmas ornaments? With a little imagination, paper, glitter, sixed and paintings, you can create very original Christmas ornaments (and much cheaper).

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The activity of making the ornaments can be one of a family Christmas celebrations, along with decorating the Christmas tree and the nativity set. Below are some ideas on how to make Christmas ornaments very simple: There are many ideas and crafts we can do year after year to not repeat Christmas designs and get the look that we like without spending much money. With different types of paper such as crepe paper, which allows wrinkles, stretches, easily can be molded … can make centrepieces, Christmas rosettes, donuts for the front door or even napkin rings for Christmas tables. We may also use cellophane, a brilliant but somewhat stiff it ideal for packaging candy creates details in gift wrapping… And, do not forget we gift wrap in gold, silver, red and green that will make the base of the Christmas tree during the holidays remain coated. We can create false packets with different shapes, sizes and Christmas papers that will make the holiday season even more fun looking for gifts and enjoying weeks before the Christmas decorations.

Ornaments for Christmas tree

Draw and cut a star out of cardboard. It can be a big star to place on top, or several small to Christmas decorations the rest of the tree. It is painted yellow star. Once the paint is dry, draws another star in this with glue, and then spreads gold or silver glitter around the star. Leave for a few minutes for the glue to dry. Then stir the glitter star to release the drop is not above the tail (it is advisable to do this on a piece of paper for re- use in other adornment glitter). It will be a nice glitter star within the yellow star. It makes a hole to put the thread to hang it on the tree.

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