Heat Pump Vs Furnace Article

Jun 17th

Heat Pump Vs Furnace Article – When you have to choose between a heat pump and a furnace to warm your home, there are a lot of variables that you can make affect your decision. An important factor in your choice may be the climate where you live.

residential heat pump
residential heat pump

Is your home in a warmer area or further north? The efficiency of the heat pump depends on the outside temperature, as heat exchanges and cooling fluids used walking coils. If it is very cold where you live, a heat pump will have difficulty providing enough heat based on heat pump vs furnace article.

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electric heat pump

If you need more heat of a furnace, only heating up or if you do it on your heat pump, you can supplement your output with electric heating coils, which can quickly be costly. Some people actually use in cold weather gas furnace as backup for their heat pumps in this a as your consideration.

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