How to Mow a Lawn with a Rotary Mower

Jun 8th

How to Mow a Lawn – Gardeners should be careful when cutting the grass freshly placed. If you’ve placed correctly requires time to develop a strong root system. Pedestrians or cut too early can prevent the grass from developing. Not only get a weak lawn if you cut too soon, it could also damage the sharpness of the blades. Choose a dry day to cut the grass again. Wet grass blades will be difficult to cut because they can get stuck under the rotary cutter.

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How to mow a lawn you can adjust the blades of the lawn mower at the correct height. Avoid adding fuel when it is sitting on the grass. Spilled gasoline causes turns yellow. Spend the cutter at an angle of 90 degrees. Change the angle that passes twice each cutting. Leave grass clippings on the lawn. Cuts contribute nitrogen to the lawn is important. Nitrogen helps how to mow a lawn keep green and healthy grass blades produce.

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