Ideas to decorate your apartment

Jun 13th


studio apartment decorating ideas
studio apartment decorating ideas

Apartment Decorating Ideas –  On this occasion we give you some tips that will be of great help when painting . Perform a combination of two tones, which fall within the same range of colors, helps to generate a greater brightness and freshness in the areas of the home, here are some examples of Apartment Decorating Ideas : The red and orange , which get pure warmth. They are brightly colored and enclosures , which by its strength, have to convey a lot of energy and optimism. When applied on walls, it is good to do some technique, such as frizz, because this diminishes slightly in intensity, and on these occasions the ceiling should be white or any other light shade . Your application should be made in spacious rooms or where wall or want to highlight a specific area , they produce the effect of approach. To compare them , use the furniture and the color black , to neutralize the strong visual impact to the eye produces the combination of red and orange.

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The refreshing green as pistachio and kiwi. This combination produces balanced environments , quiet , light and bright, giving the feeling of space and depth. The application of such housing is convenient in the city, as are cool and temperate . Inside, usually applied in bedrooms, children’s rooms , bathrooms and kitchens. For contrasting white is helping to give a touch of delicacy , as is well acid pistachio and kiwi , a little off? Rose and Strawberry. This combination makes a space in a calm atmosphere , intimate and cozy . It is recommended for use in well-lit rooms and dining rooms as well as to encourage corridors and rooms of field whose furniture is dark wood . To contrast it , you use objects and tapestries have eggplant shades , which adds a touch of sophistication and elegance , as to the ceilings, and moldings , as well as the woodwork should be white . Thus the intensity will be lightened that has this color combination on your Apartment Decorating Ideas.

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