Information to Prepare a Freestanding Emergency Food Pantry

Jun 12th

A freestanding pantry can take a family through emergency short-term disaster, power outages or financial difficulties. In an emergency, your family would have everything you need to be sustained over a period of time, up to six months. Begin to store your emergency pantry buying things at the supermarket when prices are at their lowest point.

tall pantry cabinet
tall pantry cabinet

Food stored in your freestanding pantry that does not require refrigeration and has an extended shelf life. Cans of vegetables, meats and fruits have water inside which can be used in an emergency and is sufficient to cook the food. Plan at least a week of food per person, if your utilities are disrupted for an extended period of time. Canned food should not be ill for at least two years. Add all canned things away from direct sunlight in a dry place. Pasta and rice are great for long term storage but should be stored in airtight containers of freestanding pantry to keep them fresh and away from household pests.

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