Narrative for Architectural Design

Jun 14th

Architectural design is like having new adventure with you and your own thought. The idea of having good or bad design will be determined by the means of your taste and how you feel to live. Proportional color, combination and angle of housing will always be important thing to take into account. The design of architecture can be made as blue print at first before it is really implemented.

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As we know that architectural thing remains to be unique and represent as the most of you. Adjustment on color, proportional and also furniture that will create ambience to live in are always remains to be good consideration. Architectural design has been long known to be the most wanted theory in Western country, especially in European countries. Make it good by balance it with the furniture color, design, and material.

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House plans are more like Architectural design representation. Good or bad design will be taken into the point of your taste and from people who come into your house. Many experts in housing concept, regarded as the process of making for living home. The home sweet home is a place that you will miss a lot for not coming back too long.

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